Standard seminars on “CVIS based on ETC short-range telecommunication” was successfully convened

2021-06-04 Source: Views:73

Led by Shenzhen Genvict Co Ltd., the series of standard seminars on “CVIS based on ETC short-range telecommunication” were successfully convened in the afternoon of May 19th, 2021, with both online and off-line meetings.


The seminars are focused on the discussion of CVIS application integration, application data interaction demand, and application layer data interaction format in ETC-dedicated short-range telecommunication. After reviewing and discussing the member units’ responses toward the technological content of the standard throughout, the drafting group has reached a general consensus as to the content of the standard. The agreed draft of the standard will be posed on our website very soon. Please wait and see!


Attending the seminars were over 30 expert representatives from transportation, communication and automotive corporations including Genvict, Juli Tech, Chenggu Tech, Nebula Link, Sutong Tech, ATS, Huawei, Qihu 360, Didi, Tencent, Gosuncn, Denso, JAC, etc.

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